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I created Life in the Pink as I've always struggled to express how I am feeling or what I want to say verbally.  Raising two boys with my Husband, being a Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Granddaughter and being me, there is plenty that goes through my head.  I hope that by sharing these thoughts and experiences it helps others to realise they are not alone, it is normal and together we can do it.  You can also join me on my quest to becoming a Writer, reading the trials and tribulations of my writing course.

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Sunday funday.

I survived our day drinking session and was up considerably bright and early for a Sunday at 7.30am. Determined to make the best of the day and get the kids out for some fresh air, we have been for a walk up to Bulkeley Hill. The air was crisp with a hint of sun in the sky and a slight breeze which blew away any lingering hangover, it was perfect weather for walking in. I convinced the kids we wouldn’t do more than 2km, they enjoyed the whole walk aside from the last mile whi

Feeling Thankful

Today i didnt wake up with that Monday feeling. I am thankful for being able to be at home with the boys during the school holidays. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for a job opportunity i have been offered. I am thankful for a job opportunity i have taken. I am thankful for new opportunities. I am thankful for being taken out of my comfort zone. I am thankful for the phrase, ‘When one door closes another one opens’, I truly believe th

Coping with change

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Feelings are really hard to process and understand, i was shown the change curve on a training course, the change curve explained the rollercoaster ride you take when experiencing a change in your life, if you google it you will see what i mean. For now, here is my change curve, which will give you a little insight into how I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks. As they say its good to talk, its good to share. What would your ch

Interview day!!

Today i have no other choice but to be positive and shine, i shall do my best and i shall smile. Whatever happens next, will happen, as long as i come out of that interview room knowing i gave my all, then bloody hell i'll be proud of myself! Update to follow later.👌 #keepmovingforward #focus #goals ***update**** Interview complete ✅ i stumbled through the first 5 minutes, got my rhythm, then answered the questions and showcased my experience, now its a waiting game 😬. To a


After all my positivity, today i'm struggling, self doubt has crept in. I'm trying to stay positive, reading the posts and telling myself, its your mindset but sometimes it takes so much strength to do this, its tiring. I'm sure its just a phase and that tomorrow i'll be ok but today, today i need to breath and re-focus. I've got an interview for the job at work i was telling you about, part of it is this, if i dont get it, it means i need to re-think what i can do and want t


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