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I created Life in the Pink as I've always struggled to express how I am feeling or what I want to say verbally.  Raising two boys with my Husband, being a Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Granddaughter and being me, there is plenty that goes through my head.  I hope that by sharing these thoughts and experiences it helps others to realise they are not alone, it is normal and together we can do it.  You can also join me on my quest to becoming a Writer, reading the trials and tribulations of my writing course.

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After all my positivity, today i'm struggling, self doubt has crept in. I'm trying to stay positive, reading the posts and telling myself, its your mindset but sometimes it takes so much strength to do this, its tiring. I'm sure its just a phase and that tomorrow i'll be ok but today, today i need to breath and re-focus. I've got an interview for the job at work i was telling you about, part of it is this, if i dont get it, it means i need to re-think what i can do and want t

Moving forward

The 'back to school' photo went well... 10 photos, probably 1 where they both look marginally happy and well groomed. Wednesday's are my day off, i was hoping to spend time working on my website and blogs, instead i've been running around buying school jumpers(slightly behind) hamster bedding, birthday presents, food shopping, all the adult/parent stuff we have to do. Exciting news on the work front, a new role and department is on the horizon for me, meaning new challenges,


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