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After all my positivity, today i'm struggling, self doubt has crept in.

I'm trying to stay positive, reading the posts and telling myself, its your mindset but sometimes it takes so much strength to do this, its tiring.

I'm sure its just a phase and that tomorrow i'll be ok but today, today i need to breath and re-focus.

I've got an interview for the job at work i was telling you about, part of it is this, if i dont get it, it means i need to re-think what i can do and want to do.

The intro to volunteering to mentor went well last night, a little overwhelming with all the info, which left me doubting myself again, would i be good enough, what can i bring to someone?

Maybe its these things that have sparked the self doubt, its ok to feel like this, whats important is to know you can change how you feel, you are in control, nobody else, only you.

Have you ever felt like this?

What tips can you give me to pull me through?

#keepmovingforward #positivity #stayingstrong

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