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After school treat

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I wrote this post from our local park eating a cheese and tomato sandwich (i've just had to double check the spelling of tomato, i always want to add an e)

I"m here because i am being an ace mum and allowing my eldest boy to go to the park after school, total brownie mum points. Although i bet it still wont stop him from being a little sh1t when i say its time to leave to collect the youngest boy from Dodgeball after school.

There aren't too many other parents here so no awkward attempts at making conversations, believe me, being an introvert wont win you any 'most sociable person of the year' award, although i do try, maybe one day i will.

I cant complain too much as the sun is shining and i might be able to turn my pasty white legs a different colour, heres wishing.

#mumofboys #introvert #white-legs @justjointhepink

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