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Alexa to buy or not to buy

I finally caved in and purchased an Alexa, when i say i caved in, nobody asked or told me they wanted it, it was all me preventing me from buying one - why, well i had heard all the scaremongering about how it listens into your conversations, it can call your neighbours friends, the Russians are spying or is that Huawei?

Anyway i digress, this was a drunk Amazon purchase on Friday night along with some Polaroid film, i managed to avoid buying a bottle of Gin as i was convinced i could get it cheaper in the supermarket (you can).

To date there haven’t been any arguments over what’s being played on Alexa, which was another of my concerns, the only issue i do have is that my husband, who claims not to be tech savvy has managed to set his voice recognition up to her! Erm its my Alexa and if anyone has main control its me! I’m yet to figure out how to do that.

The kids requests have been;

Alexa make a fart sound

Alexa sing a duet with Ed Sheehan (she does, weird)

Alexa play Hypersonic missiles by Sam Fender (multiple times, this must be saved in her favourites by now)

After i got over the weirdness of talking to an object and how odd is it not to say please after putting a request in? These have been my requests;

Alexa turn it down

Alexa Off!

Alexa set a timer for 25 minutes

Alexa tell Arthur & James to get out of bed (this didn’t work)

Alexa what’s the weather like today (you know because i cant look out of the window and see for myself)

Alexa play Christmas songs.

Yes, Christmas songs are currently playing whilst i am typing this, its 7.05am and its Christmas in the house, well almost, the tree is going up this weekend.

So my advice on whether to buy an Alexa, just do it, its Christmas after all and if you are not sure have a few vino’s then go on Amazon and see where it takes you.

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