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I have an anniversary today, unfortunately its not one whereby I receive gifts, however it is an important one.

Its one month since i stepped away from Full Time employment and found myself without work.

I’ve always worked, so this was a big deal for me, I couldn’t just stop and i soon realised i needed and wanted to make every second count of the time i had.

If i can, i will find something that works around my family, instead of my family working around it.

Looking back at the time I’ve had so far, I’ve written a list my achievements.

****Stat alert***

So far I’ve gained an extra 3 hours a day with the boys, thats 60 hours, an extra 2.5 days.

I’ve walked the boys to school the majority of the time, walking around 60km more than i would normally, that’s 37 miles.


I’m more determined than ever to make it work and make the time count.

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