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Bank Holiday?

It's bank holiday weekend but it doesn't feel like a bank holiday. In fact I forgot it was bank holiday weekend until my husband reminded me last week. It's the same with the half term, despite struggling through home school, I've just got on with it and hadn't realised that half term was around the corner.

I suppose that's the thing about being in work that I took for granted, it brings structure not only to your day but to your year.

I used to look forward to bank holiday weekends, a three day weekend either seeing family & friends or going to the pub with the large play area so the children can play and meet their friends whilst we have a few cheeky drinks. We'd end the evening off by ordering a large chicken kebab from the takeaway or a Domino's pizza for the children.

Listening to Radio One yesterday I did get a little bit excited as its their Big Weekend and they were playing some good music but as I was in the midst of a hangover big clean, it didn't have the same affect it would have, had I been sat in the beer garden drinking gin and chatting to my friends. Oh those were the days.

There is always today, I'm hoping that the weather forecast is right and the sun will breakthrough at 3pm so we can have a gin in our garden, chatting to our neighbours through the fence.

We'll still be having a disco when it goes dark, thanks to alcohol & amazon we have a laser, a strobe light, disco lights and a smoke machine. I really do feel like I'm in the best nightclub, with no queue for the bar or toilets, it was free to get in and the alcohol is free, well kind of.

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