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Best laid plans.

Today was date day for the hubby and me, it was his day off and as you may know, my current job is ‘working on me’ which i can also do from home - happy days.

I managed a run before the house woke up, this was also prep for eating what i want for our lunch date.

I wake the boys only to find out the youngest is poorly, he has a temperature, he looks poorly and has that ‘I’m feeling really sorry for myself’ look. Normally if i was at work, i would coax him out of bed (which takes ages) feed him up with calpol and reassuring words that he will feel better and the teachers will ring me if he is really bad, to which i am told ‘the teachers NEVER call you Mum, they just make you stay in school and tell you you are ok’, i say ‘no they wont, they will call me’ more reassuring words and we finally get out of the door - mum guilt then follows.

However, i didnt need to do this today and do you know how good that felt, there was no pressure, there was no guilt, i listened to my youngest and let him stay off school. Of course this meant our lunch date was scuppered.... by lunch he was and seemed to be better, so we took him with us, yes, we took our poorly boy out on our lunch date, the calpol had kicked in and he skipped to the pub with us. But I’m not such a bad parent, i did take the IPad with us and made him play on Maths rockstars, just so he wasn’t missing out on school too much.

20 minutes into the lunch date with food ordered, the school call;

‘Hello, its just to let you know your eldest has fallen and bruised his back’

As this point you need to know our eldest is accident prone, when i say this, i mean it, we’ve been to A&E a few times now, to the point that i worry child services are going to intervene.

FFS ‘Is he ok?’

‘Yes, he is ok, there is a slight bruise but he has been walking around and had a cold compress so we’re happy that he can stay in school’

By this point the Prosecco had started to take effect.

‘Oh that’s good news then’ (me trying to appear sober) ‘’as long as he is ok’

Lunch date resumed, starters arrive and devoured.

10 minutes later the hubby’s phone goes off - he has to go into work.


Food arrives, its consumed VERY fast, lunch date cut short, we go home, hubby goes to work, I’m with the poorly but not poorly but is poorly child and also have to pick the eldest child up in the next hour, i also need to sober up as i drank my 2nd small Prosecco bottle VERY quickly. Quick nana nap whilst the youngest watches the IPad and we’re good to go.

Best laid plans hey.

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