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Brand Ambassador – Behind the scenes of ‘Apply now’.


Anyone on Instagram will see the endless opportunities to become a Brand Ambassador. It can be for jewellery, clothing, nutritional food and more.

But what happens when you click on that ‘Apply now’ button?

I came across a clothing brand empowering women and all about being a boss babe. I clicked on the link. I was instantly taken to Facebook Messenger and here’s what happened:

Messenger - Hey Jody! Thank you for the message, how are you?

Me - I’m good thank you. Does this require investment from me?

Messenger - Awesome. So happy you’re interested in being a brand ambassador with us! Have you heard of us before?

Me - No. Does this require investment from me?

Messenger - I’ll tell you a little bit more about us….

They go on to explain their mission is to spread empowerment to fellow women. No mention of whether there is an investment requirement. They do tell me that 25% of profits go to organisations that empower women etc.

Me - That sounds great! Which organisations?

Messenger - We’re looking for women to collaborate with. Take a look at our website and let me know what your favourite piece is.

I send a screenshot of a T-shirt I quite like the look of, (although I would prefer it to say Women instead of Girls.) They respond with their favourite and tell me they would love me to a brand ambassador and can I share any photos in their clothes on social media and tag them in.

Me - Can the T-Shirt say, Women instead of Girls?

Messenger - I just made the code for you, it’s good for 30% off the entire order, and you can share it with your friends and family, don’t forget when your order arrives you can share pictures on your social media account and don’t forget to tag us in!

Is that all?

It’s clear I am talking to a Chatbot. I’ve not been told what investment it will require from me. They haven’t told me if I can change the word from girls to women and I don’t know which organisations the profit goes to.

Plus, let’s be honest we all want to make money, so what’s in it for me? For this particular brand, there is no financial reward. I'm helping to build their brand and my reward (or investment) is buying their products but I get 30% off. Oh and I can share the discount code with friends & family.

Invest wisely.

There are other opportunities out there to earn a commission based on sales if someone orders using your discount code.

But beware; you may have to sell £100 worth of goods just to earn £10 commission. So make sure your time investment is worth it.

Did I invest? No.

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