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Cheap thrills.

Arthur, my 10 almost 11 year old wants to be a You Tuber. One of those You Tubers who play games all day and people watch them playing games all day. I never really understood the fascination but every generation has their 'thing'.

His room isn't exactly set up for this, so at the weekend we had to re-design his room. This involved moving some furniture out, moving smaller furniture in, a good hoover up, finding lost socks, pants and indiscreetly hidden sweet wrappers.

One of the pieces of furniture we moved out was a set of drawers. You know those drawers where you keep chucking things in you're not quite ready to bin yet or you have no room elsewhere for?

It was in these drawers I re-discovered bits of jewellery, some costume. I've always wanted to be one of those Women who wear lots of bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces and anklets. The problem with bangles & bracelets is they bang on the desk when you are typing, so these were out. Rings, if you are not used to wearing rings it can seem like you have a foreign object on you and it takes ages to get used to it - anyone remember when they first put their engagement ring on? Plus remembering to put them on in the mad morning rush of getting the kids to school then shooting to work, it just wasn't a priority. I would love to wear those long necklaces with a large pendant or feather or chunky beads but the reality is, I have big boobs and they just don't fall right. Anklets, my ultimate summer favourite accessory but always hidden at work beneath trousers or tights.

If there was ever a time to experiment, now is the time. So I have worn all my jewellery every day, it may not seem a lot of jewellery but it is for me. It adds a little sparkle to my day and makes me feel good.

Have you been putting off clearing that drawer or cupboard out? Why not make a date and do it. You never know what you might find. And don't be afraid to experiment, just leave your hair to the hairdresser.

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