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Decluttering for the Mind and Spirit.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I woke with an urge to clean under our bed this morning. I put it off for a couple of hours, but something was drawing me under it.

I should have worn a mask; there was enough dust under there to create a dust basketball.

What did I find?

Tissues, hair grips, bobbles, toothpicks, magazines, old work stuff, books, shoes and handbags.

The toughest decision? Which shoes and handbags needed to go. I love shoes and handbags. They had been under there for months, well maybe years; there must have been a reason why I kept them?

Not the shoes!

In part, the decision was made for me. A pair of boots which I had been clinging onto have seen better days. I noticed the leather was breaking up on the back heel, irreparable. A pair of summer wedges given to me five years ago which I have never worn but have kept, just in case - charity bag. Slippers hidden in boxes two years ago kept just in case I wanted to wear them again - charity bag. Multiple handbags stashed away, which I couldn't bear to part with - retained. However, I did give a couple away to my next-door neighbour's little girl.

Hair grips and bobbles - a fantastic find, I've been running short on supplies. At least I know where to look next time.

Toothpicks & tissues - bin.

I love books and would never dispose of them, give to charity yes, bin, no. The cleaning moved from under the bed to the wardrobe. I was able to create more space here, and now have a bookshelf! It's a wonderous feeling to open the wardrobe door to be greeted with neatly folded clothes and books.

I discovered an issue of Marie Claire from 2012, can you believe it! Eight years that's been under the bed. I think back, and I'm pretty sure I have been under there in the last eight years...

I then moved onto my other shoes. The ones packed neatly in the corner of the room in boxes. I was ruthless and proud of myself. Six pairs will be going off to charity. I also managed to throw away (recycling bin of course) eight shoeboxes.

Out with the old.

The old work stuff, that was a tough one. A large part of me wanted to throw it all away, shred it and be done. I know that one day, something in there will come in handy. I've boxed it up and moved it out of the room. I felt brighter.

I changed the bedding and gave the room a good hoover. Even the ceiling and walls got the feather duster treatment. The feeling of decluttering and cleaning is freeing.

By moving old items and memories out, I feel like it has released something. My spirit feels lighter.

Hopefully, it will mean a relaxing, peaceful and recharging sleep ready for the homeschooling to start tomorrow.

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