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Exercise Motivation

I need some, its that simple.

My exercise routine normally goes like this:

Target Date - Summer Holiday

Target - Bikini body ready

Start Date - February

How - Either - Running, HIIT Workouts, Rower and Cross Trainer.

Frequency - 3- 4 times per week

Result - Comfortable & confident enough to walk around in a bikini for 2 weeks.

Target Date - December

Target - Able to fit into a Christmas Party dress.

Start date - September.

How - as above

Frequency - As above

Result - Comfortable & confident enough to wear a dress and have enough room in said dress to eat & drink.

My problem this year, i have no Christmas party to get ready for, Summer has gone and the closer December is getting the more it doesn’t seem worth it as lets face it, every day in December is party day. Fancy a biscuit -why not its Christmas. Fancy a Prosecco tonight - why not its Christmas. Fancy a shit load of chocolate - why not its Christmas. Fancy getting wasted on a school night - why not its Christmas.


So my question is this, how or where am i going to get my motivation from?

Really, if i am honest with myself i should be starting now, as its the big 4-0 next April so if anything there is my motivation but i also think if i cant be my true self by the time i’m 40, when can i be?

My true self being, someone who likes to do the occasional exercise, eats within reason what they want and the same with drink. Doesn’t worry too much about the muffin top and will buy the right size clothes and not try to convince myself that i am naturally a size 8.

I blame the clothing industry and their random sizes, in Next I’m an

8/10 in Lipsy I’m a 10/12, Jane Norman - pretty sure they only do teeny tiny sizes, supermarkets 10/12.

I’m going to pour myself a Gin (as that frees the mind) and start Googling and looking at Pinterest for hints & tips.

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