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Feedback is a gift?

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little deflated with my writing. I received assignment five back from my tutor the day before and I have to hand it to him, he doesn't mix his words. The course does recommend that when you get your assignments back to read the feedback, put it to one side, process, then pick it up again when you are ready or better still sleep on it and read it again. I'm glad they give this advice.

There are changes to make, which I agree with. It has also highlighted that I am playing it safe with my articles. After all it's easier to write what you know but, that can only get you so far. There are a lot of rules around copyright and plagiarism which I think have frightened me off.

The feedback has also made me question if I am serious about the course. At the start of the course, it is recommended to set up an expenses spreadsheet, as once the money starts rolling in you may have to pay tax. I didn't set one up as I thought it was unlikely I would earn any money (negative thinking) and my main reason for taking the course, which I was serious about, was to improve my writing and get ideas on how to get published. However, the reminder to set up an expenses sheet came with the feedback, a nudge perhaps that I should have done this?

I knew it was time to review my original goal and this time be realistic about it.

I now have a nine point list to get back on track and some key learning points. I thought I would share with you some of my learning points;


My relationship with money has been a rocky road (you can read about this in my blog, Life Lessons), this could be another reason why I haven't set the expenses spreadsheet up. As we are now being realistic, the reality is I need to earn money to help pay the bills, therefore I need my writing to do part of this or all of this. This is Number one on the list, set up an expenses sheet.

Comfort Zone

Step out of it.

Challenge myself with new ideas, be aware of copyright & plagiarism but don't let it stop me from putting ink to paper. It's simply another hurdle to overcome. Life has had plenty of hurdles, some have stopped me, some I have taken a step back and found an alternative way around and now I need to do this again.


Is a gift.

Sometimes it's wonderful and sometimes it can be difficult to hear. Given in the right manner, it can be an important part of the growth process and help to set you back on the right path. I'm thankful for mine.

Self belief

If I truly believed in myself at the start, I would have set up the expenses sheet as I would have been telling myself, 'you will succeed' 'you will earn money'. Have I been the person holding myself back?

Ok expenses sheet, here I come....

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