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You know how I wrote in my Shania Twain post about a song taking you back to a place in time, well i was applying my clarins moisturiser (thank you mum) this morning and it reminded me of my first girls holiday since having my boys, it was Ibiza and i was with another friend who had never had a girls holiday, plus my other friend who had 4 children, as you can imagine, we were READY for this holiday.

We had grand plans to go to a club, stay up all night, party all day, you know the score.

First day we arrive, we walk to the beach, grab some beers and get asked to go on a boat party that afternoon, of course this is Ibiza, we are child free so why not. The boat party was a success, apart from the lack of toilets (there were 2, that were no longer flushing and a huge queue) of course this is Ibiza, so its all good.

The boat party ends, we climb off to discover we dont have sea legs but this is ok, we're on a roll, we're in Ibiza, we're gonna carry on the party and go clubbing but first we need food, we grab some from the all inclusive buffet, the floor at this point is still moving, we decide to go back to the room, shower and change for the big clubbing night ahead, we are after all in Ibiza and we are ready to party but first we just need a little lie down, you know, quick nana nap to re-charge...…..I wake up to see its still light, this must have been a quick nana nap, I check my phone, its 10:00 not 22:00 but 10:00. Its the next day. We missed our clubbing night.

At first, we feel pretty gutted, then embarrassed (who sleeps in Ibiza) then relieved, not only have we saved ££'s but we had THE best night sleep, the floor is no longer moving and we are fully re-charged ready to take Ibiza on again, tonight we go clubbing! 🤔

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