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Fruit of my loins - Angels or Devils

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I thought it would be nice to walk my boys to school this week, i had this image of us walking or skipping hand in hand in the lovely sun shine, getting my daily exercise in too. Instead so far, ive been faced with a daily argument of whether they can go on their scooter or bike, followed by who each of these actually belong too (i really cant remember), then one steals from the other, a scuffle breaks out which leaves me shouting, fine neither of you are taking any!

Of course i dont follow through with this threat because quite frankly it would take more energy than im willing to give to hold them to this. So they resolve the issue themselves, once i unleash my final threat of 'no park after school' i also used this one to get them out of bed this morning.

One agrees to do pokemon go and one agrees to take the scooter only. I wasnt a fan of pokemon go but it actually gets the boys out walking, ignoring the fact they dont look up and bump into random strangers, i can wait for the day they walk into a lamp post, is that mean?

Is this what school runs are normally like?

I'd love to hear what you have to go through to get your kids up and out, please share!

Check out the pokemon i caught!

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