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Get out of my lane!

We decided to go for a family swim yesterday at our local pool. It was advertised as a public swim, not family swim, yes there is a difference.

One excellent thing about being the Mum of boys; when you go swimming as a family like we did, I get the whole changing room to myself, no battling with them to get their kits on, no chasing them down to stop them from going into the pool without you, no arguments over there not being enough room in the changing cubicle or awkward questions, 'mum why have you got hair there'. No, I had a blissful 5 minutes of peace before and a good 20 minutes afterwards, plus because we got out earlier than everyone else I had the WHOLE changing area to myself, I was free to walk around naked and putting my bra on was a breeze.

The one thing they don't tell you about the public swim is how protective of the swim lanes people can be. The leisure centre had created 2 lanes for those of us who wanted a serious swim. My husband and I took it in turns, when it was my turn I chose a lane and proceeded to swim, its worth letting you know there was only 1 person in each swim lane and I seemed to have chosen the lane with the 1 person who felt they owned it.

Literally, the person had stopped at the end to take a breath, I was swimming towards the end and smiled to be polite I was rewarded with a grimace, they put their goggles back on and swam away. Needless to say I stayed in the lane and continued to swim, then another person joined our lane, this was clearly too much for said person as they moved to the other lane - I took that as a victory, then I carried on my family time swim and got bombed on by my youngest trying to do a dive - karma?

Have a great day and own it!

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