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Great Expectations

We’re off to London town today!

I said to the boys yesterday, ‘I’m so excited, guess where we’re going tomorrow?’

They look at me with apprehension.

‘We’re going to the British Museum!’

‘What? Argh, thats sooo boring’

‘Are you kidding me, its the British Museum, you know, like the film, The Night at the Museum’

Blank faces, then,

‘Can’t we go somewhere else, thats boring’

‘What?! I thought you’d be excited??’

‘I’ve been there before’

‘No you haven’t’

‘Yes i have’

‘No you haven’t.’

At this point i end the conversation as there really is no point in debating this.

I’ll show them, I’ll show how much fun they can have, they will love history & museums as much as me.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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