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Home school or Half Term?

I never thought I would say this but I think home schooling is easier than having the children ‘off’ for two weeks. I know you think I must be going crazy but hear me out.

With home schooling we have a loose schedule and set work. The children know school takes place in the morning, we have lunch, do some reading and go for a walk. By now it’s about 3pm, they can have a few hours on the electronics before dinner, I get some free time and everyone is happy.

Not quite the same for half term, I can foresee a few challenges:

  1. Refusal to go to bed before it gets dark, they are on holiday after all.

  2. Refusal to get up at a reasonable time, they are on holiday after all and didn’t go to bed till late…

  3. Refusal to get dressed, why do they need to, they are on holiday?

  4. Snacking – made worse by the fact they don’t know what time it is as there is no school schedule.

  5. Screen time – how much is reasonable? They would say a full day is just about acceptable.

  6. Refereeing their arguments. Sometimes its easier to walk away and wait for someone to cry, I mean properly cry not fake crying.

  7. Trying to get them to go for a walk – why do they have to, they are on holiday?

  8. Trying to get them to do some reading, yes I know you are on holiday but it’s still important to read.

  9. Telling me they are bored despite the fact they have:

  • A dart board

  • A mini pool table

  • A basketball and net

  • A football and net

  • A swing ball

  • A golf putter thingy

  • A scooter

  • A bike

  • Chalks

  • Chess

  • Toys

  • Domino’s (the game not the pizza, although they would LOVE that)

  • TV packages, Netflix, Amazon, Sky

Are you kidding me?

I have an idea.

I will arrange a game of hide and seek. I will change my name to something exotic and unpronounceable. Hide quietly in my new favourite hiding place, no I’m not telling you where it is in case you tell them and I will snigger proudly to myself when they can’t find me, remembering to take a snack with me, and a drink and maybe my laptop. After all, I need to make the most of my time alone.

Whatever you are doing this half term good luck and know that when you hear 'I'm bored', it will be echoed by thousands of children across the Country and you are not alone.

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