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Home Schooling to La La Land

The Easter holidays are over and all parents are contemplating another three weeks maybe more of home schooling.

I wish I could say I have found the magic formula for home schooling but I haven't.

The first week of home schooling I'd set a timetable and was quite meticulous in sticking to it but by the second week, we were all become weary. High praise to teachers.

Feeling frustrated, guilty, like I wasn't good enough, I called in the big guns, my best friend Jen. I called her and told her how I felt, she provided some sound advice. 'Don't put yourself under so much pressure. If there is a day you aren't feeling it or have no motivation for it, the children will feel that too. Give yourself a break and do something different that day. You are not a trained Teacher' We talked about how it must be difficult for the children too and that they must be feeling anxious and confused. It was more important to look after their wellbeing than it was to stick to a homemade school timetable.

Stubborn and determined, I wasn't going to be beaten and I continued with my timetable on the Thursday. It struck again, the children were bickering, I had no energy to break it up least of all the motivation to attempt to continue with the maths lesson.

I got up from the kitchen table and asked Alexa to play the soundtrack to La La Land. And we danced. We danced, we sang, we laughed through the first three songs. I wasn't ready to finish yet; 'Alexa, play The Greatest Showman' The dancing, singing and laughing continued right up until lunchtime. The smiles on their faces said it all. They were happy, they could see I was happy and we were spending time together. These are the moments that we will all remember.

Did I carry on with the school work that day? No.

What's my plan for this week? I have printed off school work for them both. Year 6 and Year 4 Maths and English. Throw in a bit of reading, maybe make some salt dough - we have food colouring this time. Teach them a few more life skills. They can both make a cup of tea now. We've trained them to wash up, dry up and put away. Next is teaching them to get the bottle of wine from the fridge and pour a glass. A very important life skill for when they get a job working at the local pub.

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