• Jody Woodbridge

Interview day!!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Today i have no other choice but to be positive and shine, i shall do my best and i shall smile.

Whatever happens next, will happen, as long as i come out of that interview room knowing i gave my all, then bloody hell i'll be proud of myself!

Update to follow later.👌

#keepmovingforward #focus #goals


Interview complete ✅ i stumbled through the first 5 minutes, got my rhythm, then answered the questions and showcased my experience, now its a waiting game 😬.

To anyone else out there thats going for an interview or had one, good luck, shine bright, keep moving forward. If one door closes another one opens and remember the more interviews you do, the more practice you get, your dream job is one step closer.

***further update***

Unfortunately it was a no......its tough, i'm upset, angry, relieved, blurrrgghh, trying to be positive, even my 10 year old is consoling me and telling me, 'when one door closes another one opens' and he's offering to job search for me! God bless him.

What happens next, i dont know but watch this space for the next door opening.

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