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Isolation Masterchef

Wherever you look on social media everyone is trying to find positives of being in isolation / lockdown. With this in mind, I thought I would share with you one of my positives.

I am learning to cook meals. I don't mean normal meals like pizza and chips, spag bol, chicken and veg. No, I am experimenting with new recipes, some of them vegan.

My younger brother has created and is trialling his Mi Recipes App. I like it because he uploads all his favourite meals including what ingredients you need, how much of each and how to cook it. It's also a food, nutrition and shopping planner but in all honesty I'm just in it for the food ideas and planning my weekly shop.

I made this chickpea and spinach curry, from scratch and it was delicious. This has inspired me to be more experimental in the kitchen. Recently I made my own version of Patatas bravas using sweet potato and chicken. The next day I made spicy coconut rice with salmon and asparagus. The next day we ordered a curry despite spending £100+ on our weekly shop. Today, I'm all out of ideas so the Husband took over. I still managed to cook up a chicken breast, sweetcorn and new potato's for the children. They really don't like the spicy side of life.

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