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Its just like riding a bike.

I was doing the usual evening preparations last night, making the packed lunches and tea, my youngest was playing outside but none of his mates were playing out, he said to me, ‘Mum, will you play with me’, normally i would make up some excuse, I’m busy, I’ve got things to do, i need to do this, that etc, but tonight was different, after hearing Sharon talk about losing her Son, Tom to suicide, it put things into perspective, so i said yes.

We played cricket first, then he said ‘Mum, shall we go for a bike ride?’ I would definitely always say no to this but with my new outlook i said yes.

I haven’t ridden a bike in more than 20 years, i dont own a bike so i needed to use my eldest son’s bike, I looked at it with trepidation and climbed on. I was very wobbly, i held the handle bars far too tightly and pushed on the pedals, then off i went. We went around the block, there were a few tight corners to navigate, i pressed on the brakes and did it successfully.

The second time around the block was different, I’d found my centre of gravity and wasn’t as wobbly, i gained confidence, i rode faster, i stood up and peddled, i started to smile, i rang the bell and waved at my neighbour through their window. What a rush.

I only managed the 2 rounds, i disembarked, my legs were still wobbly and my backside was a bit uncomfortable but i enjoyed it.

So my message is this, try saying Yes instead of No. Spend time with your children, the housework can wait, the tea can wait, the lunch boxes can wait.

That bike ride only took 10 minutes - I enjoyed it, my son enjoyed, he even said, ‘wow Mum, you’re actually really good at riding a bike’.

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