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Kids and Instagram

I don't know about you but I share all my electronics with the boys. Not by choice, it's just happened that way. You know how it is, they mither you so much that you just give in and before you know it, what once was yours is now theirs.

It's surprising how many devices we have in the house and as usual they are all out of charge at the same time because they can't be bothered to charge them. I mean how hard is it to put the plug in?

My Apple ID account is linked to all Apple devices, this means if the boys get hold of one, they get hold of my accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked In. They even have access to my Spirit & Destiny App, where I can download their latest magazines. Currently the boys aren't spiritual so they haven't been racking up a bill here.

I checked my phone the other night and saw I had 12 notifications on Instagram. It may not seem like many to someone with 1,000+ followers but for me, that was a lot, especially as I hadn't posted anything that day.

As I clicked on, they were all new followers. I admit I got a little excited to have 12 new followers but as a I clicked through each one, it wasn't what I thought.

There were two who were offering to send nude pictures of themselves. I blocked these immediately. Then others were random, American Gamers/You Tubers but they all had one thing in common, they were all following Jake Paul.

If you don't know Jake Paul he is a You Tuber and I think Boxer that the kids LOVE. My youngest James is obsessed with him, although some of Mr Paul's work is not age appropriate. James even wrote a letter to him six weeks ago to his address in America. We've not heard back yet.

It transpires James had followed 40+ accounts, using my Instagram account. They were all accounts who had one thing in common - Jake Paul. It took me ages to go through the list and unfollow them.

James protested and said he wanted his own Instagram account, so far I have managed to side swipe his request, he is only Nine after all.

I could put a lock on my devices but then I would get mithered every time they want to go on one. In fact there is a lock on one of them and they haven't figured out the pass code yet, well they did once and I changed it. Crafty buggers kids, you think they aren't looking but they are.

I don't really know what the answer is but I would say, if your child has access to your devices, keep a check on who you follow on your social media accounts. And if you do need to change your pass code, make sure there are no hidden mirrors, reflections, stealth mode kids or sudden distractions when you put the new one in. They are ALWAYS watching.

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