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Kids say the funniest things.

My youngest hasn’t been well for a few days now, the usual high temperature, feeling groggy, sore throat, belly pains - the kind of ill whereby you go the Docs and they say ‘it’s viral’, needless to say we haven’t been to the docs.

My usual method for dealing with this illness is Calpol, lots of cuddles and a warm bath before bed.

As the boys have got older they dont like having baths anymore, they shower, so convincing the youngest to have a bath to feel better is harder than normal, however i managed it.

During bath time’ i was sat outside the bathroom (as he’s not quite old enough to be left in a bath on his own) i was on the phone to my Mum and he started a barrage of questions and statements:

‘Can I have my goggles?’

No, you cant have them’

‘Can I have my snorkel?’

No you cant have your snorkel

‘Look at my fart bubbles’

God you stink.

‘I have superpowers!’


And the piste de resistance- ‘Can i stick my finger down there?’ (The plug hole)

The youngest is obsessed with saying poo, if he sings a song, he’ll change a word to poo......’This is the greatest poo’ ‘This is Poo’, you get the picture.

Later in the evening he went for a massive poo, I convinced him that he has poo’d all the badness out of him and that he will be loads better in the morning. He believed me. I hope i am right.

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