• Life in the Pink

Lessons learnt.

Written by Clare Ellison.

It's been one month since Lockdown and I can think of ten things I’ve learnt so far;.

1. To do lists are important.

2. How to post not one but three favourable reviews , The AA, Honda and Morrisons.

3. How to use Zoom. I've been maintaining my twice weekly yoga classes, with grateful thanks to an extra special yoga instructress.

4. Writing an understandable shopping list for my daughter, I do my best to do a virtual walk round the supermarket whilst I write it. I always forget something!

5. Face time and video chats are the next best thing to being in the same room as your loved ones.

6. Enjoying my garden and getting round to the little jobs which were forever on a to do list somewhere (see # 1).

7. It is ok to just sit and read a book or magazine.

8. When the lockdown is finally over, stop saying ‘NO’ to invitations. There will always be time to address your excuses for not accepting.

9. I can ‘flip’ my iPad screen when story telling with my grandson who loves scary and adventure stories.

10. Never take one’s freedom for granted.

I am still learning, as I am sure everyone is. The sky has never been bluer or bird song so loud and butterflies more abundant.

It is good to be alive.

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