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Life Begins at 40?

Updated: May 3, 2020


Being born in 1980, i have grown up believing it meant by 20 you will have got married, had children, by 40 your children will have grown up and you can then start to live - Life begins - a bit harsh on the kids and husband, are we saying that we havent been living life?

Living example - When i was 20, my Mum was 41 although at the time it didn’t even register how old my Mum was, I was consumed in my own little clubbing world, going out till the early hours and yes I probably was treating the house as a hotel, sorry Mum. Although there were a few times Mum did come out to the pub with us, had a few drinks, a dance etc...

I look back at that time in my life and think, how clueless i was.

There i was going out and getting pissed at 20 not realising that when my Mum was 20 she was married, had given birth once to my Brother and i was starting to be a twinkle in my Dad’s eye, there was absolutely no way I was ready for that at 20.

Nowadays women are choosing to have children later, the average age in the UK being 28.8 years, in fact i had my first child when i was 29. Was i ready for it, hell no! I had no idea what i was letting myself in for, lets just say he was a surprise, although that’s a lie as we all know what happens when you aren’t ‘careful’, but you know what i mean.

So based on my living example, (the 21 year age gap between my Mum and myself) the fact my eldest is already 10, i have to wait another 11 years before my Life begins again, wait that’s 50 almost 51 ☹️

Nope, i am going to look at it a different way. 💡

The way i see it, having children goes in stages, baby stage you get zero time to yourself, toddler stage you get zero time to yourself, school age 4-8yrs its starting to improve and your family dont mind babysitting as much as they are getting more self sufficient especially the 8 year old. 🎱

Now, 10 i feel will be the right age where I can start acting and believing that Life Begins at 40, my eldest is 10, he is very self sufficient although chooses not to be, he occupies himself playing endless video games and doesn’t need much in terms of interaction, god he sounds like a teenager already.

So you see, I’m sticking with ‘Life Begins at 40’, I’m not waiting another 10 years, I’m going to start it now, right after i have done the washing, made the lunch boxes, finished the ironing, taken the boys to football, made the tea, hoovered up, helped with the homework, cleaned the hamster out 🐹.... maybe Life Begins at 41?

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