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Life Begins at 40? Act 2

When I wrote Life Begins at 40? Back in January of this year, I never could have imagined what was to come. Although I did suggest maybe life begins as 41 perhaps a premonition as to what was coming.

I was full of excitement about turning 40. I had a party booked, Elvis was booked, I bought table decorations, the venue was booked, and invites were out. I’d even booked to have my makeup done, professionally; I never do this, so you can see how serious I was about having this party. All of this by February 1st. Now all that was left to do was organise the food and wait for the date.

Then the virus struck. I waited and watched the news for updates on what the UK was going to do. Each day the recommendations changed until finally there was the suggestion to close all pubs, clubs, avoid social gatherings and two weeks before my party was due, the UK was put into Lockdown.

I have been writing a diary since the middle of March, it wasn’t supposed to be a covid 19 diary but as the lockdown continued it has turned into a covid 19 diary.

This is an extract from Wednesday 1st April 2020;

‘Tomorrow I turn 40.

We are all and I mean all in the UK in self isolation. No family gatherings, no parties, just the four of us at home all day and evening.

Pete is cooking a lamb dinner which will be lovely.

I hold high expectations and hopes for the day, the reality will be:

Up at 6.30am

Run at 6.45am

Home, breakfast, shower, work.

Listen to the boys falling out over school work.

Finish work, get some fresh air.

Dinner. Wine.

If the sunshine’s it will be good.

I almost sent my second assignment off today until I realised and read the document again that I needed to do two fillers. To say I was disappointed is an understatement more so I’ve run out of ideas and have limited reading material. Plus I’ve felt off today which isn’t helping with my mood. God I am moaning so much…..Write just write, do some research and write something anything just get going again! Listen, even the birds are shouting at you to sort it out…go and do something useful, hang the washing out, get moving, get moving!’

And I did. You can’t beat having a good word with yourself. Only you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get going.

As it happened my Birthday fabulous, I went for my run. There was no work to do as I was locked out of the work systems, shame. I had cards, facetime calls, and a surprise visit from some friends (social distancing rules adhered to) they sang Happy Birthday at the end of my drive and gave me a card which had Elvis on the front. Then another rendition of Happy Birthday from our fantastic neighbours with flowers and prosecco. My Dad dropped by (as I was on his route) he’s a key worker delivering food. More cards posted through the door, yummy lamb dinner and wine. A few games of ‘heads up’ with the boys and Pete, watched a movie, more prosecco consumed and the piece de resistance……a phone call and serenade from Elvis. The Wonder of you never sounded so good.

I still plan to have my party when the social distancing measures are dropped, even if it is next year. After all, it won’t just be a celebration of my 40th; it will be a celebration of being together again. We can hug, we can dance, we can talk face to face and we will say, “Wasn’t it worth the wait”, and “It makes you appreciate all this so much more”. And we will all nod and say yes in agreement remembering how we spent our time during lockdown and that we survived, then we will hug again.

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