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Mini me’s

Tonight’s subject of conversation - to eat pre football training or not to eat?

Youngest - ‘I’m starving, Mum what’s for tea’

Me - ‘erm’

Oldest - ‘If you eat before football you will get stitch, dont eat anything, i KNOW’

Me - ‘He can have a little something, if he’s really hungry, he will need to eat’

Youngest - ‘I’m starving, what can i have?’

Me - ‘Fish finger sandwich?’

Oldest - No, I’m telling you, even if you eat that you will get stitch’

Me - ‘He will be ok, its only something small, how about a chicken burger sandwich?’

Youngest - ‘Yes, a chicken burger sandwich’

Oldest - ‘Fine, don’t say i didn’t warn you.’

Me - ****Bursts out laughing with the realisation those are my words, he is my child, God help him.****

Note - Its only a small chicken burger, more in the shape of a small steak.

Further note - I really hope he doesn’t get stitch.

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