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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Yesterday was the first Sunday in a long time that i have looked forward to the week ahead.

Spending time on my blog, finding and sharing positive and phrases and images really helps, also a change in mindset.

Where i live there are lots of beautiful canal walks and under the bridges there tends to be graffiti, some derogatory and surprisingly some positive, the one that sticks out the most is this, 'Mondays are fine, its your job you need to change'. My version would be 'Mondays are fine, you need to change your mindset' but i think you get my drift.

Tonight i start my mentoring training for a volunteer placement mentoring young mums and people that have been in care, i've always wanted to volunteer but was never sure what for, when this opportunity came up i knew it was for me, empowering women, supporting, mentoring, generally helping people and letting them know they are not alone and helping them to change their mindset maybe?

Another reason i'm excited about the week, i now have my own domain name, hopefully i can get more people coming to my blog, www.lifeinthepink.co.uk 😁

So this Monday, stay strong, stay positive, keep moving forward, uplift people when you can and if someone says you cant, do it anyway!

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