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Monday musings

Saturday & Sunday came and went, you will be impressed to know that we got home from date night, from what i remember about 11.30pm - we ARE rockstars, then up bright and early the next day for Sunday prep. Sunday prep being the usual shopping trip to Aldi, it is sooo much cheaper there, although i still had to go to Morrisons to get a few bits that Aldi didn’t stock.

Why cant Supermarkets have everything you want in one place? Especially when you have to take your kids shopping with you, you dont want to be dragging them to more than one shop, its hard enough that they argued over who will push the trolley, who will carry the list, who will sit in the trolley “boys, you are 8 & 10 - nobody sits in the bloody trolley!’

Then 20 minutes before the end of the trip, eldest one is DESPERATE for the toilet, we cant see one, so the Cashier has to call someone using his impressive ear piece (no more tannoys) to take said child into ‘the back’ where the toilets are - I’m just glad they no longer have the tannoy announcements anymore, my eldest would have been mortified, “Assistant to check out 4 please, young boy needs to take a shit URGENTLY, incompetent Mum didn’t ask him if he needed the shitter before leaving the house, tut tut”

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