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Mornings with kids

This is James this morning 👇 but he looks a lot cooler.

I wish i didnt care so much, i wish i could roll out of bed at 8am, eat breakfast, get dressed brush my teeth and BOOM, ready for the day with the energy and enthusiasm of an 8 year old.

Instead the alarm screams at me at 6.30am, i pull my body off the bed in the dark, feel around for the walls walking like a zombie, turn the bathroom light on and wish it was dimmer, reluctantly get in the shower hoping its not too cold or too hot then let the water wash over me, i only open my eyes to see where the shampoo is (i can feel around for the soap).

10 minutes later I’m 50% awake.

Once dried and dressed, i grab a coffee - 70% awake. Then a banana - 75% awake.

Put my war paint on & dry my hair - 85% awake.

Eat breakfast - 95% awake.

Its only when I’m at 95% i have the energy and enthusiasm to try and wake the kids up, there really is no point in attempting it at less than this, the kids know when I’m being serious and when they can sneak another 10 minutes, they just know.

Then the morning battle commences of me trying to get them out of the door on time, which you can read more about in my post on 5th October.

The joys of being a parent.

Have a great day everyone 😁

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