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Negative thoughts.

I wake up and something just doesn’t feel right, i cant put my finger on it, i dont know what it is but i just dont feel ‘normal’, I’m not sad, I’m not happy, I’m just there.

I shower, get ready do the usual things, then the kids start... you know how it is, you ask them to get ready, they dont, you ask them to have breakfast they dont, sometimes they don’t hear you, sometimes they pretend to not hear you, everything starts to get harder.

Then the negative thoughts start to creep in, the guilt for having no patient with them, the guilt for having to go to work, last Tuesday when your Boss looked at you in a strange way, last month when that guy cut you up on the road, yesterday when you were speaking to your friend and they didnt seem quite there-was it something you said, before you know it you have a head full of negativity and you dont know where it came or why.

I’ve read a lot of self help books, had counselling and even used hypnosis (Paul McKenna book & CD if you are interested and yes it did work for me) and i wanted to share my method for dealing with those pesky negative thoughts.

I hope it helps you.

Please share your own ways of dealing with the peskiness of negative thoughts and lets help each other. ❤️

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