• Jody Woodbridge

One small step

👏😁🏃‍♀️ I did it! I did my first run in over 2 months, ignore the fact it was to collect my car after a few vinos last night 😂.

You see, even when you think something will be too hard or you dont feel like it or someone tells you no, always, ALWAYS try.

I'll be taking another small step forward today, doing some work on my website and blog with the support of my brother. You dont have to make big changes, if you feel like you are getting overwhelmed or even scared to make a change, small ones daily are much more manageable, as long as you keep moving forward. That and a fab support network, i'm really lucky to have met some really supportive and inspirational women lately, along with my close friends, it keeps me moving.

What keeps you moving forward?

What small step will you take this weekend?

#keepmoving #change #friends

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