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Parking hurdles

Why does everything have to be so bloody complicated!!

I go for a swim and the first hurdle i encounter is this bloody thing, i just want to pay for parking, no i cant remember my vehicle registration so i now need to remember where i parked my car and of course its raining, I find my car and take a photo of the reg, go back to the machine and enlist the help of the person who is now behind me waiting for me to get a ticket.

I try to pay contactless but it doesn’t work, i then give it a £1 coin but oh shit i needed that for my locker, its still raining. I finally get my ticket, put it in the car and dash into the leisure centre.

I ask to pay for a swim session and ask for change for the locker, then the person that helped me at the machine appears and i say thanks for helping me with the ticket machine, the lady at the centre says ‘oh if you have paid for parking and are using the pool you can get your money back’, BINGO, i now have my £1 coin back and I will have a locker for my belongings! Swim time!

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