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It was one of those days yesterday, you know when you don’t feel ‘right’ but you cant put your finger on it?

I spent the morning at work, working on someone else’s goals, i could slowly feel myself spiralling.

I knew what I needed to do, I needed to look at my own goals and assess where I was at, the problem is I need this job, I need the money, it’s a fact of life, bills need to be paid but this doesn’t mean it should distract me from my own goals.

I drove home intending to assess them but first I needed to clear my head, I went running, it was bloody hard as I hadn’t been for weeks but I slowly started to feel my body relax and the tension release, the endorphins kicked in and mind cleared.

It gave me the clarity and confidence to do my first video clip for my Instagram account (something I’d been putting off) and so far the reactions have been positive.

I’ve assessed my goals, I know where I am now isn’t where I will be in 6 months time - how do I know? Because I’m determined that I won’t be and because I will keep looking at that goal and ensuring I am on track.

Self belief and a good support network is all I need. Keep believing.

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