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Saturday, Saturday,Saturday

It’s Saturday!! The best thing about today is that there is no football run, its new hair day and date night with the Hubby.

New hair normally consists of me suggesting a colour change, my long standing & loyal hairdresser looking at me like she wants to kill me as I PROMISED her I would never go red again and if i even suggested it, she is to refuse to do it, that said she would never refuse as she knows what i am like and that in 12 months time i will want to go brown or blonde again - god love her.

Usual date night antics go like this ..... we ship the little cherubs off to their Uncle & Aunts for the night, have a romantic meal, try not to talk about work, money & the children but in all honesty what do a married couple with 2 kids who seem to work all the time talk about??? The night will end with us grabbing a taxi home at 10pm (yes we are rockstars) sticking Netflix on, having one last Gin then falling asleep on the sofa (that’s just me) Husband will then wake me up, to which i am most aggrieved, i shuffle upstairs, clean my teeth, stumble into bed then pass out. And they say romance isn’t dead.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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