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School Lesson

By an 8 Year Old.

My youngest has a map of the world on his wall, its one of those that has a key grid linked to the Country names, this then gives you some facts about each Country including its Capital.

Sometimes we have a race to see who can find which Country the quickest, for example, E5 is France, H7 is Russia etc.

Last night he said, ‘Mum, ask me what the capital of Australia is’.

Me - ‘Ok, what’s the capital of Australia?’

Youngest - ‘Caribbean’

Me - ‘ hahahaahaaha’

Me - ‘Isn’t it Sydney?’

Quick check of the Map....

Me- ‘Oh, its Canberra’

Who has the last laugh now, he was on the right track, kind of.

Remember: You are never to old to learn something new. Every day is a school day.

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