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Shoot from the hip or cautious Carol?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

My close friend approached me yesterday to ask if i was ok, i said i was she said are you sure, i said yes why do you ask...she had seen some posts on instagram i'd done which all related to staying strong, your only limit is you and 5 daily positivity reminders, she was worried that i was feeling down as i never normally post things like that, in fact i rarely post anything on instagram. Firstly i thought, what a great, caring friend then we had a conversation about social media in general and how i'm the person who thinks, over thinks then thinks again before posting, will it offend someone, will they think its about, my friend is the same. Then you have those who shoot from the hip, they post whatever they like, say what they like and generally seem to not care. Even though its my social media account, i still dont feel i can be me, this is another reason for Life in the Pink, being me, sharing who i am, sharing my thoughts, hoping it will help others, letting you know someone else is thinking the same.

Shout out to all those friends looking out for you, keep them close and lift each other up, empower and stay strong.

Apologies to any Carols out there, its only a phrase, its even in the Urban dictionary.

Are you cautious or are you the hip?

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