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Today’s positive of the lockdown is being able to explore my Spiritual side.

I’ve long been interested in the power of the universe, aura’s, spirituality, meditation and more recently colour therapy and energy healing. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, one door closes another one opens and that the universe is looking out for us all.

I have never allowed myself the time to explore anything in full or had any idea where to start.

Just before the country was placed on lockdown, we had to self isolate as my husband had symptoms of the virus. I asked my Mum if she had any magazines I could borrow. There were. It was an eclectic mix, one of which was a Soul & Spirit magazine from February 2019.

The magazine came at the right time. One could even say, the Universe provided it for me.

It covers lots of different topics, Angels, Crystals, Self Healing, Horoscopes, the Fae, Real life stories, recommendations and reviews and lots more. This was perfect, I could explore all aspects of Spirituality. I quickly signed up for a six month subscription and followed Soul & Spirit on Instagram.

It seems the moment we embrace our spiritual side, we start to see signs. My signs were encouraging me to start writing my blog again.

The first sign came from my Mum, she suggested I should use this time in lockdown to start my blog again. I agreed but took no action. Then another message a day later from my brother suggesting I use the time to write my blog, using my lockdown experiences as content and inspiration. I agreed but took no action. The third sign was from a lady I met through Networking. I had liked one of her posts on LinkedIn, she then privately messaged me‘ ‘Hi Jody, I think we met at Bizmums in Congleton last year. Are you the lady writing a blog?’ Well that was all I needed. It did take a few more days before I finally put fingers to keyboard but I did it.

One week later I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Soul & Spirit were offering free downloads of inspirational posters. I scanned the selection and there was Faith. You will succeed - stay focused on this path.

I immediately downloaded it and had it framed. It’s in my kitchen on the wall. As I look up from my lap top and take a break from typing, I can see it. It is a great reminder from the Universe to keep writing.

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