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Swimming part 2

I had the pleasure of going swimming, on my own today, it was brilliant.

Today’s experience was slightly different, it was advertised as Casual & Lane swim, so i knew what i was letting myself in for.

I arrived and checked out the competition in the pool, which lane do i swim, shall i start in the main pool area first then move to the slow lane and work my way up, what if someone is faster than me and i get ‘glared’ at, what if someone is slower than me and i give them the glare??

All these things were going through my mind before i even entered the pool, i decided on the main (casual swim) area, no lanes here, free for all, create your own lane and space, its basically like when you have paid at the toll gates on a motorway and for a time there are no lanes, everyone just goes, and its the first person to make it to a proper lane. Slightly scary and discombobulating.

That said, i managed to find a gap in the main pool area and do 2 lengths before I realised this wasn’t going to work as people were coming at me from all angles. It was with hesitation i approached the lanes.... now, which lane, slow, medium or fast?

Again checking out the competition for the second time that day, i noted the slow was too slow, the fast too fast (this is sounding like Goldilocks of the swimming world) and the medium seemed just right. Off i went, after a few lengths i noted with glee, that i was in fact slightly faster than those in this lane, i checked out the fast lane and noticed it was only men here, that got me thinking is it a conscious choice that women dont want to put themselves out there in the fast lane in case they dont think they will be good enough?

I know this is how i felt. As i was swimming in the middle lane i proceeded to overtake a man in the fast lane, “right that’s it” I thought, “big girl pants on” - “get into the fast lane“. I did it, in the fast lane i went and i stayed there.

At one point i stopped at the shallow end for a breather and saw a ball had been thrown in from the kids pool by a boy, so as i am a good citizen and keen to help, i threw it back, turned back to swim, then i heard a clash behind me and the boy had thrown the ball back WITH a watering can! I think he thought it was a game, the lifeguard was apologetic, i was ok and carried on with my swim.

By now i had almost completed my 41 lengths, a good mix of breast stroke and front crawl, 3 occasions of choking on water as I didn’t get my breathing right, one occasion of almost being hit by a ball and watering can, but its ok as i stayed in the fast lane - i am a champion swimmer.

Did i mention the average age of the swimmers was 55yrs? Just ignore that fact, i definitely dont think that is why they were slower than me, maybe.

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