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The home school woes.

Home schooling can be gruelling, for parent and for child,

The lessons set to start the day but all the children want to play.

We have to teach English, Maths and RE but we’ve had no teaching training you see,

We’re trained in being Mum or Dad not conjunctions, or nouns or that new acronym, SPAG.

The days seem long, sometimes they’re short, it all depends on how much we’ve taught.

We break for lunch, one sandwich or two, followed by pudding, after all that’s what school do.

Another lesson after lunch; “must we really?” they say, "we’re pretty sure school is over today".

We watch the clock and watch it tick, oh please go make that clock tick six.

The dinner is served, the parents relax. The usual questions are no longer asked.

Bedtime arrives, the moments we cherish, we kiss them good night and they hug us tight.

Now it is time for us to relax, we go and pour ourselves a glass.

A sigh for the day, a cheer and hooray, for we survived, another home schooling day.

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