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The hunt continues.

I had a job interview yesterday. I have to tell you I was nervous.

I tried meditation but my mind was on the interview and I couldn't focus.

As the morning went on the nerves were increasing. I reminded myself that was energy. Excess energy, waiting to be expanded. I cleaned the conservatory, hoovered up and walked around the house a few times looking for something else to do. Anything to help expand enough energy to gain focus.

Dead end.

Finally, it was time to leave. My sat nav wasn't playing ball, as I got closer to my destination I went from being 4 minutes away to 6 minutes.

I found the estate and turned onto the car park. I thought it didn't look right and the sat nav told me I wasn't there yet. So I came out of the car park and drove down a dirt track following the sat nav.

The dirt track turned out to be a dead end. I couldn't turn around. I slowly reversed, my nerves kicked in again, my leg was shaking on the accelerator. I began to sweat. Yes, women sweat, especially this woman.

I found my way back to the original car park and walked to the gates to be told I needed to get back into my car, drive through the gates and follow the road all the way around.

It was now 14.25 the interview was 14.30. I ran back to the car, drove through the gates and arrived at my destination.

The smile effect.

Stepping out of the car I took a deep breath and looked up.

Coming out of the building was a woman. She looked over at me and gave me the warmest welcoming smile, I instantly relaxed. I forgot about my shaky leg, my crappy sat nav and sweaty brow.

We exchanged greetings and I went in for my interview.

Life lessons.

Trust your instincts.

I was in the right car park all along.

Don't rely on Satnav.

If you can, do a dry run the day or week before.

I found out on Sunday evening I had the interview the next day. I checked maps on my phone and it looked easy enough. Don't rely on this!

Carry a can of deodorant with you.

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