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To cross, or not to cross.

Lots has changed since the lockdown including what happens when you leave the house.

I think I've adjusted to the two metre rule at the Supermarket now. I actually don't mind queueing to get into Morrisons, it's good to slow down. I know this would be completely different if I had the children in tow but as luck would have it, the recommendation is to leave them at home, I didn't need to be told twice.

What I hadn't planned for was what happens when you go for your daily exercise. Occasionally if my Husband is home, I get 30 minutes to myself and go out for a run. This normally takes place early in the morning when the streets are relatively quiet. It makes abiding by the two metre rule easy. But what happens when home schooling is done and multiple people decide to go for their daily walk?

The walk with the boys involves one of them on their bike and one on the scooter. They were warned prior to leaving the house that if they saw someone coming towards them they were to stop. At this point we would decide whether we would cross the road or the oncoming person would. All in an effort to maintain the two metre safe distance as foot paths are not made for this.

Here's what I've observed so far;

  • Individuals tend to cross first.

  • Couples tend to cross first.

If it's a quiet road, the above people will walk around a parked car on the road instead of crossing the road.

If it's a busy road, the above people will cross the road, normally the minute they see you coming.

  • Families

I judge this one by who is in the family group. If they have children younger than mine, I will cross with my children.

If they have children the same age as mine, then it becomes a game of chicken - who will back down and cross first.

  • Elderly

I will always cross over with my children.

Whilst out walking yesterday there was a runner coming towards us, my nine year old James said in a panic; "Mum, there's someone coming, should we cross?"

I replied, "No, he's on his own, he can cross or go around the car. I've got you and your brother, it would make sense that he crossed."

"Mum, is that the law?"

"No darling, it's not the law, I would say it's more common sense and courtesy but not everyone has that so don't expect people to follow it."

James considered this for a moment.

"Mum, imagine if covid19 turned loads of people into Zombies. Would you let me use a knife to fight them?" And with that, the maintaining safe distance lesson was over.

As it happened the runner did run around the car and allowed us to continue on the path.

I told James I would let him use a knife to fight the Zombies.

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