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To Swear or not to Swear.

When was your child’s first encounter with a swear word or when did they first swear at you?

Its funny, i caught my eldest the other day talking to himself in his bedroom, he forgot i was upstairs, he was re-enacting some film or something he had seen and i could hear him saying ‘ dont fuck with me blah blah blah’ i had a little chuckle to myself then told him off.

Our youngest sons attempt was even better or worse depending on your outlook, we went through a stage of drawing on our drive or on the road (we live in a cul-de-sac so it’s safe) with different colour chalks, one day we had a knock on the door from our neighbours, this is how the conversation went;

Neighbour - ‘erm just to let you know that James has written fuck off on our drive, i dont mind washing it away but i thought you might want to see it before we do’

Me mortified but also trying not to laugh - ‘oh my god, really, I’m so sorry, let me have a look’

It read - ‘fuk of’ but we all know what he meant - i apologised again and it washed away, we laugh about it now, he was only about 5 yrs old - just to clarify that is one word we didn’t use in front of them, there were plenty of ‘bloody hells’ but no fucks.

My eldest will occasionally say ‘oh bloody hell’, i cant really tell him off when i say it too, although i will say be careful when you use that as you will get in trouble, then we have a chuckle together.

Raising kids is not easy.

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