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VE Day

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War Two in Europe. VE Day.

The war continued for some of our men and women beyond the 8th May 1945. Victory over Japan was declared on the 15th August, therefore if you see some people missing from today’s celebrations, this may be why; their war is not yet over.

For those of us that are celebrating, it may not be as we had planned but in true Brit style, I am sure we will all make the best of the situation we find ourselves in, our resilience and adaptability will see us celebrating in many different ways.

Some will celebrate with their neighbours in their front gardens, some will be in their back gardens, and some will be behind closed doors watching events unfold on the television or listening on the radio. There will be people on their own, people in couples, people in families – drinking tea, eating cucumber sandwiches or freshly baked cakes.

Celebrations with champagne, prosecco, wine or whichever tipple they prefer. Games will be played in families as we try and instil in the young why today is such an important day and hope they remember this in years to come. And there will be the key workers. Those who won’t get to celebrate with their families as they are on the front line providing for our Country and fighting an enemy we can’t predict.

One more thought before I go and attempt victory rolls in my hair; however you are celebrating today, enjoy, take pictures, remember and give thanks. For we are the fortunate ones, we are here; we are responsible for ensuring future generations never forget.

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