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Weekend reading.

Life is full of discoveries. This week my discovery is Readly the one Magazine app subscription.

You get your first month free then afterwards it's £7.99 per month. Think of it as another TV subscription fee but for magazines.

I know, another subscription fee. When you're probably already paying for Sky, Netflix and Amazon. But if you want endless back copies of your favourite magazines available at the click of your fingertip, then you need to check it out.

With more than 5,000 magazine titles there's plenty of options to choose from. And it's not just the ones you see at the shops. From Aeroplanes & Transport, Business & Finance to Education & Tutorials, Hunting & Fishing and Science.

It's great for market research purposes for my writing course. I even have access to other Country's magazines.

My favourite so far is Working Mother. I wish I had known about this magazine years ago.

Working Mother is an American magazine launched in 1978. It's full of relatable and useful articles dealing with challenges in the workplace. Providing sound advice from a plethora of female contributors, using their own experience & knowledge. Addressing topics such as Bro Culture, Microaggressions, Gender Gap Report, Pro Tips and Fight for your Right to Pump!

They're also advocates for the best companies for Women to work in. Throughout their issues, they have reported on the 60 Best Law Firms for Women, Best Companies for Multicultural Women 2020, Top 70 Companies for Executive Women and more!

It's not all serious stuff, they have a 'home front' section. The latest article takes a humorous look at the difficulties faced trying to arrange a video call with your fellow working mums. It's similar to trying to arrange a night out - impossible.

If you're an avid reader of magazines, Readly is for you. It also has a kids section. James, my nine-year-old, got very excited when he saw Real World Ninjas!

If you missed last month's Cosmo / Men's Health or if you want to learn more about the Human Brain or compare Gaming magazines. Give Readly a go and let me know what your favourite find is.

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