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Working from home.

I love a list, here’s my latest one, its the Good and not so good of Working from Home.

The Good.

1. Unlimited access to food.

2. Feeling Cold - Stick the heating on, no more air-con wars.

3. Feeling Hot - Wear what you want, swimsuit anyone?

4. Work Location - Why stick to a table and chair, stand up, lie down, stay in bed, coffee shop, basically anywhere with WIFI.

5. No road traffic.

6. Wine O’Clock can start whenever you want, no more counting down until the end of the business day, it must be 5 o’clock somewhere right?

The not so good.

1. Unlimited access to food. My jeans are definitely getting tighter.

2. Lack of social interaction. I am craving some face to face time.

3. Increased heating bill. Of all the times to start working from home, i choose Autumn / Winter.

4. Increased electric bill - as above.

5. Distractions;

a. TV - Netflix binge anyone?

b. Beauty stuff - ever find yourself inspecting your nails whilst sat at your desk at work and think they really need filing, painting, buffing etc? Well now I can do it whenever I want.

c. Food - see Number 1.

d. The House;

i. Cleaning

ii. Decorating

iii. Ironing

iv. Tidying

v. The list is endless but refer to ‘The Good’ number 6, which will help me through.

Have i missed anything?😁😉😈💁🏼

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