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Writing for Wellbeing.

I've written about the benefits of writing to help process the countless thoughts we have throughout the day in my blog, Lockdown. You may also want to write what you are going to do to change how you are feeling or what you can do going forward. Maybe even set yourself some goals.

With the lockdown continuing for another three weeks, it's good to bring focus, meaning and structure to your day. They don't have to be life changing goals, simple things like read a chapter of a book you've always wanted to start, watch a movie or an episode of a TV series, meditate for 10 minutes, clean the spare room, go for a walk and my favourite - take a bath! Water can be very soothing and relaxing.

Children can play havoc with any plans or goals we set for ourselves, so it may be a case of having to plan one goal in after they have gone to bed or before they wake - providing they don't wake up at 5am. Or when they have their afternoon nap. Don't be afraid or feel guilty about sticking your youngest in front of their favourite episode on CBeebies or Baby TV. Baby TV was a lifesaver when mine were babies. We used to put them in a Bumbo Seat in front of the TV so they couldn't move and if we were lucky we had a ten minute window before they started to moan. Fortunately my boys are older now and they can entertain themselves on the X Box or I Pad for a good length of time.

I try and get a goal in before the house wakes up, in fact it's my favourite time of the day. Unfortunately due to mixing grape and grain last night and going to bed at 11pm, I wasn't the first one up today. This meant I missed my morning meditation, my quiet time in the garden, my thinking and writing time. I was annoyed with myself for letting this happen, I was doing so well.

Instead of letting those feelings and thoughts take over, I took advantage of the 10 minutes when everyone went up to get dressed and started to write. I wrote that I wasn't happy about these things but most importantly I wrote down what I was going to do about it.

1. Find five minutes to meditate today.

2. Exercise. Either go for a walk or run.

3. Read a chapter of my book.

4. Write a blog.

5. Don't be so hard on yourself.

I found my five minutes after my shower. My walk is planned for after I have finished this blog. I will read a chapter of my book after my walk. And in regards to not being so hard on myself; we are all entitled to let our hair down, especially with so much uncertainty in the world. I'm going to give myself a break and take my own advice.

These are not big goals, in fact some people may argue they're not even goals but they are important to me and my wellbeing. Do what's right for you and your circumstances.

Will I have a glass of wine tonight? Probably. It's Saturday night and Elvis* is LIVE streaming on Facebook at 9pm.

*this isn't the real Elvis, its Ivan Kingsley as Elvis. He's great, you should check him out*

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